Making a small room seem BIGGER to buyers

When you’re putting your property on the market, you want to
make it seem as big and comfortable as possible. Let’s face it.
Buyers are attracted to space.
However, you probably have at least one room in your
home — and perhaps even more — that feels small and
a little cramped.
Of course you don’t want the buyer’s first impression of the
room to be its size. But it isn’t practical to be knocking down
walls and renovating. So what do you do?
Here are some ideas for making small spaces seem larger and
more comfortable:

• Remove any items and extra furniture that make the room
feel smaller than it really is.

• Remove any obstructions near the entranceway. You
should be able to open the door fully and walk in without
banging into a desk or bookshelf.

• Don’t use heavy curtains on the windows. Let the light in.

• Use soft light bulbs with enough wattage to fill the room
with full and pleasant (but not blinding) light.

• Less is more. Keep knickknacks, pictures and other décor
items to a minimum.

• Keep the door fully open during viewings.

• Make sure there’s enough space for two people to walk in
and move around without bumping into each other.

• Give the room a purpose. “This is the home office.” Or,
“This is the comfy reading nook.” If a small room doesn’t
have a reason for being, it will seem like wasted space.

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