Staging a kitchen that WOWS a buyer

If you haven’t heard of “staging”, it’s a fairly straightforward
concept. It simply involves cleaning, organizing and decorating your
home in such a way as to make it look its best for potential buyers.
One of the most difficult rooms to stage is the kitchen because it’s
one of the most used. It’s not like you can set it up to look nice for
tours and then never go in it! Yet, an effectively staged kitchen can
help sell your home because it’s the room that buyers often
scrutinize and remember most.

Here are some basic kitchen staging tips:

• Be relentless when decluttering your kitchen. Stow or get rid of
any unnecessary items.

• Clear the countertops. Leave no more than two appliances in
view. This will give the impression that there’s lots of surface
space available.

• Make sure the sink shines. If regular cleaners don’t work, there
are a number of specialty products available for cleaning sinks
of all kinds, including stainless steel.

• Consider making upgrades. This could be as simple as
replacing cabinetry hardware to as involved as installing a new
counter-top. Your decision to make upgrades depends on the
age and condition of your kitchen. Talk to your REALTOR®. It
may be worth the investment.

• Paint and stain. One of the most affordable improvements you
can make to the kitchen is painting. A new coat of stain or
other finish can make older, worn cabinets look like new.

• Fresh flowers in a vase brighten up any room, especially
the kitchen.

• Make it double-duty. Not enough space for a kitchen table? If
there’s room, put in a small table with a couple of stools.
Buyers like to see that there’s at least the option to eat-in.

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