The benefitof a Pre-Sale inspection

Your home probably has dozens of great features that are
going to help it stand out and sell faster. Perhaps it has a cosy
sunken livingroom? Or an equipped and smartly decorated
kitchen that Rachel Ray would envy? Or a location in a
desirable neighborhood?
All these things will help.
But there’s another selling feature you should consider
adding: a pre-sale inspection.
A professional home inspection is usually done on behalf of
the buyer before the deal to purchase a property is finalized.
In fact, you can expect any offers to purchase your home to be
“conditional upon satisfactory home inspection.”
However, there are two good reasons why you, as the seller,
should get the home inspection done:

Reason #1
A professional inspection can identify problems that might
otherwise thwart the sale.
Say, for example, you get a great offer but the buyer’s home
inspector discovers a minor leak in the foundation. That might
be enough to jeopardize the deal. However, if you had a
professional inspection done, you would have had the
opportunity to get that problem fixed in advance of the offer.

Reason #2
Informing potential buyers that a professional inspection has
been done is a great selling feature. It demonstrates to buyers
that there are no hidden problems with the property, which
gives them more confidence to make an offer.
A certificate of home inspection can be as enticing a feature to
home buyers as a wrap-around deck!

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