What you need to know about Lots

When shopping for a new home, one of the most important
considerations – yet one most people don’t pay enough
attention to – is the lot type. Selecting the right one can
significantly increase your enjoyment of the home. Picking the
wrong one can have the opposite effect.
There are three special types of lots that homeowners tend to
find most desirable. Yet, even though they are considered
desirable, each has its pros and cons.
Here’s the rundown on each one:

1. Cul de sacs
These are lots located on dead end streets that often feature
homes positioned around a large circle of roadway.
For obvious reasons, a cul de sac is a popular choice for buyers
with children. There’s less traffic and, often, the only cars on the
street are those of neighbors.
However, homes on these lots often come with a higher price tag
than other comparable properties in the area. But, from a lifestyle
standpoint, that extra price may be more than worth it.

2.Quiet streets
Who doesn’t want a home on a quiet street? The benefits
are obvious.
However, don’t dismiss properties located on or near a busy street.
They often sell for less and the noise from traffic might not be as
bothersome as you might expect. In fact, some neighborhoods in
these areas feature special soundproof fencing.
If the home is otherwise ideal, schedule a viewing to judge the
noise level for yourself.

3. Corner lots
These are often larger and therefore provide you with more space.
Plus, with the look of two front lawns, there’s twice the potential
for curb appeal, and therefore the opportunity to increase the
property’s value.
On the downside, kids may shortcut across your front lawn to get
to the adjacent sidewalk!

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