Leave stress behind when planning a move

For Adam Stuart and Courtney Tunnicliffe, moving into a new home also means uprooting their nine-monthold son, Jeffrey. Arranging baby sitting and packing up belongings without disturbing Jeffrey’s routine will be important to the success of the family’s move.

Kristel Pellow, owner of Hassle Free Move, is a professional organizer who specializes in pre-and post-move organization and says moving with children requires careful preparation.

But whatever your situation, she offers several tips to reduce the stress of moving.


Pre-packing can begin even before listing your home.

“Seasonal items are the easiest to pre-pack,” Pellow says. “If it’s summertime, you know you don’t need your snowsuits and Christmas decorations.” Once you purchase your new home, purging items you know you won’t need should come next. Of the items you will be moving, Pellow recommends holding off on packing until a couple of weeks before moving day.


Packing up a home full of years of stuff can seem daunting. To make the task more manageable, take it one room at a time, Pellow says, sorting each room’s contents into three piles: keep out, pack and donate/sell.


Packing away belongings into boxes can be upsetting for a child, especially if they aren’t excited about the prospect of moving.

To give them some sense of normality during the transition, give them an open moving box (labelled with their name), where they can store their favourite toys up until the day of the move.


Plan ahead to avoid unexpected charges, advises Chelsea Ball of Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company. “Some companies may charge extra for fuel or materials such as blankets to pad furniture.”

Ask for an all-inclusive rate and be sure you know what’s included in your moving quote before booking your move, to avoid surprises.


Labelling boxes can save time and energy at the other end of the move.

“People say, ‘I’ll remember what’s in this box,’ but, realistically, when you get into the new house and there are 300 boxes, you won’t remember,” says Pellow. Label boxes with the room name and its contents, for example: Green Bedroom, Desk Items. Pellow even recommends labelling furniture. “You may think it was perfectly clear that the couch should have been in the living room, but you find it in the basement. If you label (your furniture) with the room location, they have no reason not to put it there,” says Pellow.

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