Calgary ranks fifth in highrise construction in North America

Calgary is ranked fifth overall in North America for the number of highrises and skyscrapers currently under construction.

A ranking compiled by Emporis, an international provider of building data, said Toronto is North America’s highrise boomtown with 130 projects on the go.

The report, released Tuesday, said New York City was second at 91, followed by Montreal (25), Vancouver (23) and Calgary (22).

One aspect common to all the cities in the ranking with the exception of Houston, said Emporis, is the majority of the highrises under construction are residential buildings.

It said New York remains the city with the most completed highrises in North America with 6,069.

Emporis said the ranking consists of highrises, defined as multi-storey buildings of at least 35 metres in height or of 12 to 39 floors if the height is not known. Highrises of 100 metres or more, or that have at least 40 storeys, are considered skyscrapers.


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