If the real estate agent or broker you’re interviewing offers you a ‘guaranteed sale’ program as an enticement to list with them, ask yourself three questions:

1) How much below what your home is really worth will they have to price your home to get it sold in the timeframe they are promising? And if the super-low price doesn’t net a buyer in the allotted time,

2) How much of your equity are you giving up when the broker ‘buys’ you out at the sales price THEY picked? Finally,

3) How will you feel if your home sells for tens of thousands of dollars more than you received shortly after your broker buy-out?

If you’ve thought through this and are willing to potentially leave that kind of money on the table, then a guaranteed sale program may be right for you. But if you’re not, your best bet is to get the finest representation available in your marketplace.

Pick the agent that you feel is the most professional, competent and compatible with you. AFTER you’ve picked your agent, THEN price your home.
There are future consequences for every decision you make with regards to selling your home. Let us show you how our second-to-none listing consultation can prepare you to tackle these consequences head on and with your eyes ‘wide open.’


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