Weekly Showing Report

The showing activity has started to taper but CIR’s listing activity is still up slightly week over week for the sixth straight week. This has also translated over to increased sales volume, and while we are still quite a bit lower year over year, we are edging closer to more normal numbers expected for this time of year. This week’s greatest uptick was in the move up markets, as well as the entry level price points continue to show activity. The homes that are receiving showing requests, are properly priced based on the condition and area that they are in. It is vital to understand that the most compelling properties are the ones that are receiving the most activity, which will likely remain to be the case until inventory levels return to more balanced conditions.
This showing activity has been mirrored across the Province according to the Showing Time data seen below.  The Provincial showing data is showing that we are -31.5% lower than the same time last year, and -26.2% down from the peak of showings that we experienced in 2020. The one thing to be aware of when looking at year over year Provincial showing numbers from Showing Time is that their system has expanded to different boards this year so the numbers may be slightly inflated as a result, but we have not been able to confirm if this has been adjusted for.
-CIR Realty
Weekly showing report May 18
Showing Time May 18

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