Weekly Market Report

The showing activity across the Province climbed slightly week over week. The showing activity continues to be well above this time period last year, currently sitting at 130.6% more showings compared to last year.
The showing activity for CIR’s listings also experienced a slight uptick week over week, with 1,995 showings. The majority of the activity remains to be in the mid points of the markets with a slight decline in the lower price points. The showing activity of weeks passed continues to translate into sales as CIR’s transactions are up 31.4% in the first two weeks of the month compared to the first two weeks of September 2019.
The property ladder has been in full motion over the past three and a half months. With the uptick in the lower price points, it has freed up buyers that had homes they needed to sell to make their next purchase. We have seen the sales volume climb upwards on the price scale as a result.  We do anticipate to see slower activity as we enter into the late Fall, and early Winter months as we do each year but as of right now, the lower inventory combined with heightened sales continues to help balance many markets.

-CIR Realty

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