Weekly Showing Report

The showing activity across the Province has continued to taper off as we enter into the Fall months. This is a typical trend coming into the fourth quarter, however the activity remains to be much higher than the same time last year.  The showing activity across Alberta is still showing a 128% increase year over year.
The showing activity on CIR’s listings also experienced a modest slow down in most price ranges, the largest drop being in the higher price points. Overall the showing activity remains relatively balanced, unlike the sales activity. Through September, CIR Realty has trended over 45% higher in transaction volume compared to September 2019. This is the fourth straight month that sales activity for CIR Realty has not only out performed the year previous, but also the industry itself.  
While we enter into what is anticipated to be slower months, it remains our responsibility to help educate clients to help them make the best decision based on their circumstances. There continues to be many moving parts in today’s markets which we will address more in the monthly Real Estate Summar.

-CIR Realty

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