Weekly Showing Report

The showing activity has had a considerable slow down across the Province. It has dropped from what was 123.3% higher last week compared to last year, down to 113.5% this week compared to the same time last year. This is obviously still quite an improvement year over year as there is still a good amount of activity in the market.
Our showing activity at CIR Realty has not seen as much of a decline week over week, however our total showings for the week were down 93 showings from 1,568 showings to 1,475 showings this past week.  The activity that we are seeing is very consistent with what we have had all year, with the bulk of the showings happening in the lower to mid markets.  The sales activity for CIR Realty is currently trending over 52% higher this October compared to last.
An interesting point to note is that while the bulk of the sales across Alberta in October are occurring in the lower to mid price points below $600,000. All of the price points above $400,000 have had an increase in sales year over year, including in the $1M plus price.  There remains a good opportunity for people who are entering the market, move up the property ladder, or pick up investment properties. 

-CIR Realty

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