Weekly Showing Report

The weekly trend for showing activity across the Province continues to slow as we enter into the Winter months.  The total showing activity has dropped to 7.4% over the amount of showings at this time last year. This is a normal trend for the Alberta Real Estate market.
The showing activity for CIR Realty’s listings has also slowed seeing a 1,431 showings which is down -44 from the previous week. The highlight in this is that there was a higher than average amount of showings in the $700,000 – $800,000, and $1M+ markets. The sales activity for CIR also trended down, but remained much higher through the last week of October compared to last year during the same time period. 
With the slowing markets, pricing will remain critical as the decline in sales volume is slowly catching up to the decline in listing inventory.  

-CIR Realty

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